ArabNIX provides high quality support for Linux by acting as a resource to match companies seeking Linux support including everything from system administration to software integration with other operating systems with qualified technicians who can help them. We will be expanding our support capabilities, and provide more services to our existing Linux customers.

ArabNIX offers a range of professional services based around Linux OS, including system administration and maintenance, systems planning, Linux consulting services, system watching and security alerts. ArabNIX expertise encompasses all major Linux distributions including: Debian, Red Hat, SuSE, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and also Unix distributions including: Solaris, Open Solaris, and IBM AIX.

ArabNIX remote server administration service plans includes the remote installations of packages, enhancing the performance of the running servers by fine tuning the running services and software applications. Deployment of java environments, mailing servers, web servers, web administration interface installations, automation of redundant periodic tasks, firewall design and installations from basic filtering to customized filtering, system monitoring with e-mail and confirmations. Now more than ever, security is a growing concern for all systems. Whether at the system or the physical level, data needs to be protected from modification and corruption.

ArabNIX delivers the highest level of security to all of its computer solutions, and both commercial. Our engineers ensure that only authorized users can access the systems and files appropriate for their use. We can rebuild existing Linux kernel implementations and add vendor and third party kernel patches and modifications.

Why ArabNIX ? …

We have over 10 years of industry experience working with Linux, Solaris and other platforms. We also hold the world’s highest available Technical Certificates, which includes: RHCE, CLP, Novell Linux Specialist, CNI, Solaris Sys Admin, and others. We can install and configure all vendor recommended patches on existing platforms. Fully experienced in Kernel upgrades on all Linux based platforms including both static and modularized kernels. Solaris Kernel Module additions and deletions. Patching, security patching and update management.

ArabNIX is an experienced, cost-effective extension to your current technical staff to insure that your UNIX/Linux network and/or Internet web server is always secure, running efficiently, and generating the maximum return for your business. Our team currently holds the highest technical certificates in the industry.

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