Why Linux?

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Linux:

» Since Linux is based on the stable UNIX operating system, it inherits that stability and reliability. Our Linux servers have uptimes in the MONTHS.
» Linux is open-source, which means the source code is readily available to anyone who wants it. Since the source code available, thousands of developers all over the world are able to contribute and improve Linux. As a result, security patches and new drivers come out quickly, sometimes in less than a day. This insures a very stable operating system and high uptime for your network operations.

» You can download Linux software for free from the Internet or CDs can be purchased from distribution vendors for as little as $40.
» Linux can run on PC-based hardware. This means it´s easy to add disk space or memory. AND, some services will run very well on a P1 with 64MB RAM, which you probably have collecting dust at your office.

Many studies have proven that on equal hardware, Linux is several times faster than Windows NT. In our own experience a Linux fileserver running Samba was at least 10 times faster than a Windows NT server and the NT server had faster, better hardware!

We can install and configure a Linux File Server for a little amount of $ including configuration and software. If you can provide Linux compatible hardware, your savings might be even greater.

Our experience has shown that Linux will perform better as a file server than Windows NT or Windows 2000, even with Linux on older, slower hardware. And since Linux is designed to be a robust operating system (OS), hardware resources center on processing user requests instead of running the OS.

Arabnix’s Linux servers stay up for months and years at a time. When was the last time you had to reboot your Windows server? Last week, or worse yet, yesterday? Wouldn´t it be nice to have a server that just works? That’s what you get with Arabnix and Linux…it just works.

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